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The main idea of our company is familiarization, fixation and promoting of the brand Modika by means of formation mutually beneficial terms of partnership.


Being our partner we expect you to share our views of conscientious partnership approach, our company’s image and turn out product support.


It is an indispensable condition of a mutually-beneficial cooperation. We are proud of our reputation and value it very much.


Our clients are in successful operation in more than 30 cities in Russia.


As our partner you get:



If you are ready to cooperate and want to be our partner you should:



- for legal bodies: the certificate of registration; the certificate about the entering to the USRLE (for the bodies registered until 01.07.02); the certificate about the tax registration; the decision of the director nomination;

- for individual entrepreneurs: the certificate of registration; passport duplicate;

- a letter of authority about the formation of the contract if the contact is signed by an agent;

- a picture of the shop or the shopping centre from inside and outside.


Make a purchase in the amount of 50 000 rubles wholesale at once.


Terms of payment


Payment of goods is to be effected by bank transfer to the account of the supplier.


Buyers transfer funds to the seller’s account within 3 days from the date of receiving the invoice.


Payment is to be effected in rubles at the rate of CBR on a day of payment.


Regular customers get delay of payments, discounts (depending on the quantity of the goods) and special conditions.


Conditions of delivery


Basic term of delivery: self-pickup from the seller’s stock.


The shipment and the delivery of goods are to be effected at the expense of the buyer.


The delivery of the goodsto the buyer is confirmed by a waybill.


At the buyer’s will the goods can be delivered by а shipping company or a post service at the buyer’s option.


The delivery of the goods from the stock in Moscow is possible (1/17, Trofimova Street, Moscow).




The interchange of goods can take place within a season (if the goods are available in stock) in the amount of 10% at most from a sum made within a current year on the assumption of prenotification the manager of the Marketing department of LLC «Modika».


The schedule of the cooperation of the company and the partner


 Seasonal collection





01.09 – 20.02

01.12 – 31.06

beginning from 15.02

Autumn - Winter

10.02 – 15.07

01.04 - 01.10

beginning from 15.07

New Year

01.09 – 15.11

01.10 – 25.12

beginning from 01.11